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Nanographics creates engaging and immersive visual experiences that explain complex scientific topics and make them understandable to wide audiences. We turn scientific data, such as 3D microscopy scans, into visualizations, animations, and interactive applications. Our visual stories can be used for both education and entertainment. They can be deployed to desktops, mobile devices, web, virtual and augmented reality, and large immersive projections and displays.


Scientific animations

Scientific animations are one of the best means to bring your vision to life and present it to a wider audience.

Interactive applications

With more than 10 years of experience in developing real-time graphics software, we can deliver your ideas as interactive applications and on innovative platforms, such as VR or large cinematic screens.

Scientific visualization software

Nanographics produces professional software for scientific visualization applications. This includes volume rendering, molecular rendering, flow visualization and much more.

We have produced the first authentic 3D visualization of the real SARS-CoV-2 virion. Together with our scientific collaborators at Tsinghua University and KAUST university, we were able to turn cryo-electron tomography scans into stunning animations.

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During our collaboration with biologists from the SCRIPPS institute, we were fascinated by the intricate beauty of Microtubules - the scaffolding of our cells. These long, hollow tubes, found in every cell of our bodies, fulfill a variety of tasks. They act not only as a structural support, but also as highways for transporting material and signals throughout the cell. One of their fascinating features is that they constantly break down and rebuild as needed. We have produced an animation showing this phenomenon in molecular detail and in realistic speed.

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In a research project together with KAUST, Scripps Research, and TU Wien, we have created the most accurate model of a SARS-CoV-2 virion with atomic resolution. Such a model can help researchers in their effort to understand how the virus works, so that they can find ways to fight it.

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We have developed the fastest molecular renderer in the world. It is able to display billions of atoms interactively with high visual quality. We use this renderer to show how various parts of human cells work on molecular level. In one of our latest projects, the software has been deployed to a dome theatre to creative immersive environment where the audience can dive deep into a human cell and observe the complex beauty of the molecular machinery that keeps us alive.

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Scientific accuracy

Nanographics consists of a team of scientists with many long-term established connections to leading universities of the world.

High-quality output

In every project, we are determined to deliver exceptional results that lets you stand out from your competitors.

Professional storytelling

We are passionate about storytelling as means for communicating information and making your concepts and ideas understandable to wide audiences.

Innovative technologies

We utilize the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence or novel advances in computer graphics research to create sophisticated software and animations.

Production from start to end

When creating scientific animations, we accompany you on the journey starting from the idea to the storyboard until the final animation is produced.

Artistic touch

Be it animation or software, we look at all our productions as pieces of art. We collaborate with artists to make our visualizations not only informative but also beautiful.


Tobias Klein, Ph.D.

Tobias Klein, Ph.D.


entrepreneur, visualization researcher

Peter Mindek, Ph.D.

Peter Mindek, Ph.D.


programmer, designer, artist

Lucas Melo

Lucas Melo


GPU specialist, web developer

Ivan Viola, Prof.

Ivan Viola, Prof.

Scientific advisor

professor in nanovisualization


  • VCBM image contest jury’s choice award, 13th Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2023
  • VCBM image contest people’s choice award, 13th Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2023
  • Winner of the Computer Graphics Forum 2023 cover image contest
  • VCBM image contest people’s choice award, 12th Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2022
  • Winner of the Computer Graphics Forum 2021 cover image contest
  • VCBM image contest people’s choice award, 10th Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2020
  • VCBM image contest jury’s award, 9th Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2019
  • Visual data storytelling contest winner, PacificVis 2019
  • Winner of the “Best Overall Concept Award” at the I2C bootcamp for sciencepreneurs 2017
  • Winner of the Austrian Computer Graphics Award for “Best Technical Solution” 2016


Scientific Publications

Nanographics is actively involved in scientific research to create and improve cutting-edge solutions for scientific visualization and interactive storytelling. In our research work, we constantly collaborate with universities and research institutes around the world.