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COVID-19 – Structural Modeling

Nanographics is participating in efforts to generate a structural model of the the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. You can download our rendered images of the model here:

Storytelling Contest

We have won the Visual Data Storytelling Contest at PacificVis Conference 2019 for the scientific animation of microtubules.

VCBM – Image Award

We have won the Image Award at the Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2019 with our renderings of the microtubles.

Best Overall Concept

The Innovation and Incubation Center (I2C) of TU Wien has awarded Nanographics with the “Best Overall Concept” award for our startup endevour to build visual stories of biomolecular datasets down to the atomic level.

FYI – Conference for Information Design

Our CTO Peter Mindek gave talk about how to use scientific visualization on how to present biological structures like viruses and cells at the Conference for Information Design.